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» Unique Things About Latvia «

Latvia is a country where visitors would never be short of activities as there is an abundance of unique things about Latvia. Unique things in Latvia has a long list starting from touring the ancient, medieval churches, castles, palaces to relaxing in the health spas or getting entertained in the nightclubs. Nature lovers will get an opportunity of experiencing the untouched nature in the interiors of the country and go hunting to bird watching or enjoy the water sports. There’s no end to unique things about Latvia. Here is a more detailed list of unique things in Latvia.

» Hunting: When in Latvia you could go hunting the sport which is almost non-existent in other countries due to lack of nature cover. Latvia is rich with natural areas untouched by humans, 40% of the country is covered by forests. They are home to many wild animals which have almost disappeared elsewhere in Europe but remain abundant here. The best hunting grounds are in Northern Kurzeme and Northern Vidzeme as well as throughout the Latgale region. Hunting permits are usually obtained via membership of hunting organizations.

» Arts and Crafts Workshops: A unique thing to Latvia is tourists can indulge themselves in art and crafts workshops with the local craftsmen and even create their own souvenirs. Traditions have been preserved over the centuries by craftsmen in their works. Unique works of art have been housed in the museums around the country.

» Cycling: Lovers of cycling can take full advantage of relatively empty roads and unpolluted air. Latvia country is ideal for cycling sport. The country lanes wind through forests, small hills, picturesque villages and towns, and past the occasional castle or church. There’s also the small matter of 500 km of coastline.
When going cycling in Latvia observe the general traffic regulations and bicycles must be equipped with all the necessary safety equipment such as reflectors and lights for travel in the dark. Cycling routes are not always marked, so use of a suitable map is strongly recommended.

» Horse Riding: The Latvian Riders’ Federation organizes local and international riding competitions and cooperates closely with the Latvian Horse Breeders’ Association, and horse farms. Horse riding is popular sport in Latvia and can be enjoyed in all regions. Almost all horse breeding farms offer horse riding, instructor consultations, lessons for beginners and improvers and a selection of short and long horse riding routes. Some can also provide carriages, traps and horse-drawn sleighs in winter.

» Water sports: Latvia is blessed with some of Europe’s most beautiful stretches of water, including thousands of freshwater lakes, hundreds of rivers, rare lagoons and an extensive coastline. The country provides excellent opportunities for water-based sports. There are more than 700 rivers 2256 lakes. Boating in Latvia usually takes the form of canoeing, kayaking or rafting, though larger craft also operate in some areas. The boating season runs from April to September. Visitors on the lookout for leisurely boating and trips can be made from one day to a week or more. Accommodation along the way can be found at campsites, farmhouses or guesthouses.

» Spas: Visitors on the lookout for relaxation cum health treatments Latvia is the place to be. Latvia s gentle climate of the seashore, the healing properties of pine-scented air, underground mineral waters of various kinds containing compounds of bromine and sulphur, medicinal mud, and trained healthcare specialists all add up to make the place perfect. There are modern spas and traditional country saunas and specific health rehabilitation treatments or cosmetic corrections.
There are also good cosmetology, facial correction, plastic surgery, dental and other medical professionals. Traditional treatments in saunas are also widespread. Many country houses and guesthouses offer curative and relaxing sauna sessions involving ‘switching’ with birch twigs, massage, honey masks and other natural beauty treatments to detoxify and energize.

» Tourist events and excursions: Several interactive shows and live performances for groups have been established to showcase historic events, reveal aspects of cultural heritage and demonstrate local traditions in a more engaging manner than might be experienced in a traditional museum.

» Hiking: With approximately 10 per cent of its area below sea level, Latvia is characterized by wetlands, rivers and forests. The largely un-spoilt landscape offers good opportunities for outdoor activities. In summer, hikers can take to the trails in the national parks and protected areas. Wildlife includes elk, deer, brown bears and wolves. There are special nature trails to introduce walkers to the plants and animals. Kemeri National Park is also rich in flora and fauna. Other hiking trails include the Amber Trail along the western coast of Courland.

» Bird watching: It’s a heaven out here for birdwatchers with Latvia’s wetlands and traditionally cultivated farmland attracts significant populations of rare birds. The country’s many meadows and pastures are a main habitat for the corncrake, now rare in other parts of Europe. White storks are common in agricultural areas near wetlands. Northern European birds such as red-throated and black-throated divers and Slavonian grebes breed in the open water. Reed marshes harbor bitterns and marsh harriers, while ospreys and the large white-tailed eagle can be seen by lakes and rivers. The forests contain a variety of birds including hazelhens, black storks, pygmy owls and three-toed woodpeckers.

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