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Tourist Attraction Riga Latvia | Tourist Attraction in Latvia

The Powder Tower for the first time was mentioned by the name of the Sand Tower as it stood on the Sand Road that led to the town.  At the beginning of the 14 century the tower was a main part of Sand Gate fortification system, consisting of 25 towers. From the 17th century the Powder Tower served as a gunpowder warehouse. So it gained the name "Pulvertornis" meaning Powder Tower in English. It faced many attacks of Swedish troops in 1625 and was restored only in 25 years times. The war with Russia left its traces too. Visitors can see 9 cannon balls embedded in its thick three meters wide walls.

 Today in the Powder Tower the Latvian War Museum is located. The museum was founded in 1916 as the Latvian Riflemen's Museum. In 1937-1939 a new museum extension was added to the Powder Tower. The museum was closed by Soviet authorities in 1940 and reopened in 1990. The museum houses some permanent exhibitions.

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